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PSYC 300

Chapter 3NOTESLesson1WhatishealthpromotionGeneral philosophy that has the idea that good health wellness is a personal and collective achievementWHO othe process of enabling people to increase control over and to improve their healthIndividuals odevelop healthy habits early in life and carry them through the rest of their lifeMedical practitioners oteach people how to achieve healthy lifestyles AND help people at risk with certain health problems learn behaviours to monitor or offset those risksPsychologistodevelop interventions to help people develop and maintain healthy lifestylescommunity and national policy0makersoinvolves a general emphasis on good health the availability of info to help people develop and maintain healthy lifestyles the availability of resources conditions and facilities that can help people change poor health habitsmass mediaoeducate people about health risk by certain behaviorsmokinglegislationomandating certain acts that reduce riskbanning smoking within indoor child restraining seatsLesson2WhyarehealthbehavioursimportantPrevalence of acute infectious disorders decreased eg tuberculosis influenza measles and poliomyelitisIncreased preventable disorders eg lung cancer CVD alcohol drug abuseHalf deaths in Canada modifiable oReduce deaths due to lifestylerelated diseasesoDelay time of deathincrease persons longevity and populations life expectancyoPractice of good health behavior expandof years a person can enjoy life free from chronic diseaseWhat are health behavioursBehaviours undertaken by people to enhance or maintain their healthhealth habits health related beahviour that is firmly established often performed with no awarenessoBellocBreslow sleeping 78 hours a night not smoking eating breakfast each day no more than 1 2 alcoholic drink per day regular exercise not eating between meals no more than 10 overweightPrimary PreventionChapter 3NOTESTaking measures to combat risk factors for illness before illness can develop2 strategiessto1employ behavior change methods to alther problematic health behaviours lose weightndo2keep people from developing poor health habits programsmoke prevention programWhat factors influence the practice of health behaviours1Socioeconomic factorsHealth behaviours differ according to demographic factorsYounger better educated people under low level of stress with high level of social support practice healthier habits than ones that arent2AgeGood in childhood deteriorate in adolescent and young adulthood improve again when retired under 73 and deteriorate among adults 73 and older3GenderSchool age childreno girls eat healthier than boys but engage in more unhealthy dieting and meal skipping and less likely to engage in sports activities4ValuesWhether the behavior is desirable in the culture or not5Personal controlHealth locus of control scale measures the degree to which people perceive themselves to be in control of their health perceive powerful others to be in control of their health or regard chance as the major determinant of their healthPerson control perception more likely to practice good health habits6Social influencePeer pressure can lead to good health habits or bad onesPeople around you influence health related behaviours7Personal goalsIf personal fitness or athletic achievement is important rather than family goals healthy habits more likely8Perceived symptomsSmokers cut back on smoking when feeling discomfort in throat9Access to health care servicesHealth care delivery systemspap smear mammogram immunizations for childhood disease10PlaceLiving in rural area where there is less access to health care service makes it difficult to follow through with intentions to practice preventive health behaviorLower physical activitiy less healthy eating higher rate of smoking11Cognitive factorsBelief that certain health behaviours are beneficial and that one is vulnerable to disease if one does not practice a particular health behaviorBarriers to modifying poor health behaviours
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