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Matthew Archibald

ADM1300 Review Notes by MariaTue Oct 18 2011 429 pm ADM ReviewManagers and Managing Management takes place in organizations which are collections of people who work together and coordinate their actions to achieve a wide variety of goals Management is the planning organizing leading and controlling of resources to achieve goals effectively and efficiently8085 of time spent working with othersManagers must learn how to delegate Delegation of authority and responsibilityWhole is greater than the sum of its partsGoals longterm desired result To be achieved 1015 years from nowObjective steps to reach the goalMission Statement Philosophy What its purpose is What it is there to do It is longterm It can change over the longterm but not every days Way to achieve the mission may change annually but the philosophy never changes Ex Police forceTo Serve and Protectcarried out differently worldwideMission Statement depends onCompetitionMarket demandEconomy interest rates inflationCulture way society thinks morals issues social acceptabilityPoliticalLegal laws rules of conductTechnologyResourcesGoal longtern desired result reasonably attainable but also challengingmotivatingexcitingmeasurable to check progressspecific timeframeObjective shortterm steps to reach longterm goal Eg Goal to lose 100 lbs Objective is
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