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BusinessSocietyADM1301BIntroterrible ACDC video bands are businesses revenues expenses marketing promo planning org etcbands have govt connectiontaxes employ taxes respect laws need passportsvisas to travelbands have affect on civil society affects people businessentertains ppl offends peoplestakeholders which provokes pressure on govt indirect employ health professionals at concerts bands do not live and work in a vacuums business do not exist on their own they affect directlyindirectly other stakeholders The bananamarketing video feeding new york about bananaswhat happens when another competitor comes into the market and offers cheaper lower quality bananas demand for the more expensive bananas falls reaction can drop their price catch requires money to wait it out Company waits it out and then continues to prosper then decides to give back Do they need to give back is the company property of the shareholders or is it the property of the society in which it exists they decide to give back to society charitable donations etc reaction perception of the company increases and they can charge even more some companies will only invest in good ethical companiesThen the govt turns around and realizes they can tax them So banana company needs a way to influence the govt they go to a lobby company the lobbyiest is there to help you get ready to sit with the minister they dont go to the minister themselvesgovt reaction no change to tax laws The govt is not interested in one company they are interested in sectorssuggestion go global so they become a publicly held corporation to oversee governance and went global reaction competition rises not just an individual but the competition can now come from anywhere in the world you need to be ready and have an action plan when this happens Things go viral and spiral into something massive very quickly today Nasty tactics publicly accusing of child labor illegal fertilizer GMO bananas stem cell research to increase crop yields etcall fabricated stuffreaction DBBI lobbies the govt to raise these unethical tactics at WTOin the meantime the stakeholdres any party or person with a perceived stake in the companyshareholders suppliers govt in the area in which it works etc want to know if they are true DBBI wants to know who their key stakeholders are and how much power and interest they have how powerful are they and how interested are they do they truly understand their stakes Which ones do we treat since we cant treat them all How much do we have to do to create the perception of an ethical business in the end how can we be more effective you need tobe culturally awaresensitive you need to implent effect corporate governance moral business exists to satisfy the wants and needs of society If society doesnt want a product it wouldnt be made when you move into globalizationmany of the things we woulnt be able to afford if they werent made offshore the consequences of any business activity are good and bad the objective is to minimize the bad but there are give and takes there are always consequences are the people who make our clothes better off because the stuff we wear is produced there we dont know Business needs to be profitable and you need to do so socially and ethically Lecture 1Significance of business in its Social ContextIssuesSocietys expectation of business driven by a more informed affluent and litigious societyTechnology advances facilitates misinformation and disinformation but also puts business in societys spotlight it is not about finidng info its about sifting through it and finding out what is realrelevant Who in society has the greatest influence is it the govt business civil societythe govt can fix things but only using your money will the govt fix it sure if you want it but if we let the govt fix things there is less money for something else that is the reality of the govtWho has the right to dictate how business should operate is it the govt competiton citizens stakeholders What exactly is ethical behavior an ethical dilemma can exist between two mutually acceptable actions but you cannot do both what is ethical behavior in this company may not be considered ethical in another ie bribes illegal in this company and therefore not legal but in other countires it isnt called bribes convienience payments and that cost can be deducted from your tax Is it wrong If one company does not do bribes they will not be able to do business in countries where they do What exactly is social responsibility we cannot all agree to this defn or how much is the right amount of social responsibilitySignificance of Business in its Social Context domestic macroenvironementBusiness affects and is affected by the society in which it operatesFor managers to operate effectively an understanding of business domestic microenvironment is essentialWhat exactly is business MacroenvironmentIt is intuitive that business can affect and be affected by other businessesBut business can affect also be affected byoGovernmentoCivil SocietyoooThe Modified Boulding Triangle A way to depict the Canadian MacroenvironmentThe Business SegmentAll forms of for profit business ownershipnot crown corporations or anything that isnt in it for the momeyNGO etc oCorporationsoPartnershipsoProprietorshipsThe Government SegmentAll levels of govtoFederalfocusoProvincialoMunicipalThe Civil Society SegmentOrganized and unorganized social networksoCommunitiesoNongovt orgsoCharitieso oVolunteersoPhilanthropic effortsCanadas Macroenvironmentthe businessgovtSociety NexusThe modified boulding triangle depects the three segments of the domestic macroenvironmentbusiness B Govt G and Civil society SAt the apex appears B G and S in its purest formpurestonly exist in theory as far as DD is concerned because you would need perfect information2oPure reciprocity civil societyoPure exchange businessoPure coercion govtAll inner territory represents orgs embodying different mixes of the threea variety of socioeconomic AND govt relationshipsoRules or sorting mechanisms of coordination for each segment are based on different principlesrefers to how these sectors actually work oBusinesssupply and demand forces at the end of the day SD are the sorting mechanisms for businessoGovtredistribution and coercionwe coerce you to pay your taxes and then we redistribute the moneyoCivil societycooperation reciprocity and solidarityhas a very dif set of sorting methods Ill do something for you you do something for me simple trust and networks ie social capital more on that laterNote thatoThe boundaries between B S and G are not welldefined because they are not rigid frontiersbut rather wavering and continually evolving zones of overlap interaction and interdependencybe better to depict it as a dotted lineie economic meltdownimmediately everyone tells the govt to regulate but before that everyone was telling the govt to go away Enronworldcom 911govt protect usoAn initial survey reveals that in Canada each of these three segments now occupies approximately onethird of the organizationalinstitutional territory denoted by the surface of the Boudling triangleAbout this CourseThis course explores business in its social contextBusiness and its affect on govt and civil society and their affect on businessIts more than simply making a profitBusinesss relation with society is increasingly complexAbout how you will be taughtThroughoA highly interactive approach where inclass discussion is encouragedoLectures and videos where practicableoGuest lecturers when possibleJordan lobbyistAbout the materialThe course outline is available on docdepot and you must reviewindicates subjects dates regulationsMost of the slides you will see in this class will be posted on BBRequired text book You must be here to do well hints discussions material that you will be responsible for Your ResponsibilitiesNote carefully you are responsible for all material covered on the course outline includingoall text book references chapters to be read whether or not explicitly covered in the lectureoall slides presented in the lecturemany slides contain material that is not explicitly covered in the text bookoall content of class discussions including any case studiesoall video materialoall inclass group workoyou must monitor your uOttawa email accountAbout Expectations3
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