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Noah Tesfaye 6279877ASSIGNMENT 3 PART IINote Your submission will consist of two steps First use the answerarea to provide a statement to the TA alerting them that a PDF document containing your answers to this assignments Part II questions has been submitted via document sharing discussed next Second use the shareddocuments tool within MyStatLab to upload your PDF document Do not forget to include a statement of academic integrity within the statement that you provide in the answer area to part II Finally note that you are required to show your work for full creditcorrect numeric answers may earn you little credit unless you show your workQUESTION PREFACE25 marks You will be examining the dataset labelled ch05Cardiscounts see docdepot which has tracked automobile purchase activity keeping track of some information about the purchaser Sex Income and Age as well as the Discount advertised price less the final sale price that the purchaser received upon their purchase Please answer the following questions by taking advantage in part of a statistics package such as Minitab or R or etc see page 72 117119 and 183185 for some brief guidance for producing graphical displays Bonus 10 marks for following the PlanDoReport style when producing your solutionnote that the Guided examples which appear in every chapter provide illustrations of how to apply to PlanDoReport style1 4 marks Using an appropriate display examine the distribution of Sex male0s and female 1s amongaall purchasersPlanWe want to find the number of all female and male purchasers Since we have a raw data we would want use a graphical display to show our workThe data are categorical variables and we are interested how they are distributed so will make a bar chart DoWe can make a bar chart using Minitab or excel to illustrate the number of male and female purchers
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