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ASSIGNMENT 2 PART IINote Your submission will consist of two steps First use the answerarea to provide a statement to the TA alerting them that a PDF document containing your answers to this assignments Part II questions has been submitted via document sharing discussed next Second use the shareddocuments tool within MyStatLab to upload your PDF document Do not forget to include a statement of academic integrity within the statement that you provide in the answer area to part II Finally note that you are required to show your work for full creditcorrect numeric answers may earn you little credit unless you show your workQUESTION 1 20 marksYour sister owns and operates a restaurant called Quiet Waters QW and seeks your help on Human Resource issuesDepending on a number of factors the waitstaff requirements number of waitresses andor waiters at a QW restaurant can be either low 4 people or moderate 7 people or peak 12 peopleQW has two wage levels for waitstaff 205hr for experienced staff and 105hr for inexperienced staff less than two years experienceSuppose that the flagship QW restaurant has a large pool of staff 15th of which are experienced and that each person in this pool has an equal chance of being assigned a shift regardless of wage level Based on this information answer the following make sure to report units where appropriateaWhat is the probability model for the number of experienced staff assuming a low staffing level ie 4 wait staff used Specify the model and tabulate the possibilities and probabilities associated with that model 2 mark
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