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ADM 2336Organizational behaviourSilvia BonaccioDay 1 05092012SyllabusIntro to OB chap 1Chapter 2SASS workshops test taking strategiesPaper copy of short bio due next classbonacciotelferuottawacaOffice hours Wednesday 230330Check VC regularlyPearsonedcamyoblabthoContains 7 edition of textbook for free4 cases worth 20Midterms 2 40Final cumulative 40No PP slidesGrade RevisionsoWithin one weekoDetailed written explanation to Prof BonacciooFeeback sessions after each examFind a team of 45 designated leader hand in listCourse ObjectivesInfluence of 3 factors Individual personality place in groups MT 1Interpersonal teamwork relationships leadership MT2Organizational structure hierarchyLevels of AnalysisoIndividuals Groups OrgsWhat is OBWhat are Orgs Walmart YMCA Bands Sports teams Govt Different missionsDef Social inventions to accomplish common goals through group effortFormal and informal groups and how they workOB definition The attitudes and behaviours of indivs and groups within OrgsGoals of OB OB is concerned with1Predicting peoples behaviour in the context of work2Explanations about that behaviour3Managing the behaviourWhat is job PerformanceHappy well treated respected employeesJob performance isoBehaviour what people actually dooUnder employees control they can chooseoRelevant organizational goalsTask Performance Proficiency with which employees perform activities that are formally recognized to be part of their jobs What is in the job description and are you doing it Are you doing it wellOrganization Citizenship Behaviours OCB oAltruism Helping others bringing pastriesoCourtesy Respecting the work environment respectful of othersoDiligence Punctual working smartoSportsmanship Initiative avoiding grievances positive representationoCivic Virtue taking part in political life optional meetingsCounterproductive Work Behaviours CWBsoAgainst the OrgTheft embezzlement Tardiness poor attentionoAgainst its membersHarassment threats spreading rumorsChapter 2PersonalityLearningWhat is PersonalityA relatively stable set of psychological characteristics relatively stable throughout lifeLong lasting traits that influence how indivs interact in their environmentWhat is NOT part of personalityMoods and emotions TransientWhat determines behaviourPersonality Pre disposition to behave in a certain wayThe environment Really depends on the situationBoth A mix of both personality and environment Interactionist perspective red light exampleBig 5 factors of PersonalityConscientiousness C Degree to which a person is Hard working Persistent Responsible Careful Organized Lisa SimpsonAgreeableness A Sympathetic Empathetic Trusting of others Good words for most Altruistic Enjoy confrontation Arguments Dr House not agreeableNeuroticismEmotional Stability N Anxious Selfconscious Feel vulnerable Easily stressed Sad Fearful Low endOpenness to Experience O Imaginative Creative Adventurous Open to new Ideas Deep Thinking Zooey Deschanel New GirlExtraversion E Enjoy Company Gregarious Active Easily make Friends Dominant in Groups Outgoing Will Ferrell Ricky BobbyCANOE Conscientiousness Agreeableness Neuroticism Openness to Experience ExtraversionDo the Big 5 MatterTask performanceoConscientiousness Gogetter on timeoExtraversion Sales personneloAgreeableness Service Jobs Customer centersOCBoConscientiousness More likelyCWBoConscientiousness least likelyTraining proficiencyoOpenness to experience Open to new infooExtraversion Open to meeting new peopleoConscientiousnessOther traitsLocus of ControloBelief about what causes experiences in life Fig in Chap 2SelfMonitoringoHow people observe and regulate their appearance and behaviour in social settings Ex Adapt to the workplace Politicians Customer service reps Walking though campus examplespeed up slow downSelfEsteemoDegree to which a person has a positive selfevaluationGeneral SelfEfficacy
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