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ADM2336 - Chapter 14 Organizational Structure + Exam Review

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Magda Donia

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ADM2336AChapter 14 Organizational Structure December0511 907 AMHow job tasks are formally divided grouped and coordinatedy There are two basic dimensions to the division of labouryo Vertical division of labour Apportioning authority for planning and decision makingy PresidentVPsTwo important conceptsy Chain of commandSpan of control Flat and tall organizationsy A flat organization has relatively few levels in its hierarchy of authority A tall organization has relatively many levels in its hierarchy of authority o Horizontal division of labour The horizontal division of labour groups the basic tasks that must be performed into yjobs and then into departments DepartmentalizationThe basis on which jobs are grouped together yCore aspect of the horizontal division of labour yTypes y o Functional Employees with closely related skills and responsibilities are assig
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