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ChaChapter 1Human Resources Management HRMmanaging people in organizations to drive successful organizational performance and achievement of organizations strategic goalsmanaging human capital knowledge education training skills expertiseHRM Responsibilities OperationalThese services includeanalyzing jobsplanning future workforce requirementsselecting employeesorienting and training employeesmanaging compensation and reward planscommunicating with employees including counselling and discipliningHRM Responsibilities Strategicstrategythe companys plan for how it will balance its internal strengths and weaknesses with external opportunities and threats in order to maintain a competitive advantageincreasingly the HR department is being viewed as an equal partner in strategic planning processHR specialists are expected to be change agents Measuring the Value of HR MetricsThe use of various metrics or statistics to measure the results of HR is quite commonBalanced scorecarda measurement system that translates organizations strategy into a comprehensive set of performance measuresExternal Environmental Influenceseconomic conditions labour market issues government technology globalization External Environmental InfluencesEconomic Conditionsemployment levelsproductivity levelsgrowth of the service sectorExternal Environmental Influences Workforce IssuesCanadas workforce is among the most diverse in the worldincreasing workforce diversity visible and ethnic minorities women aboriginal population persons with disabilitiesgenerational differencesTraditionalistsBaby Boomers Sandwich Generation Generation X Generation YExternal Environmental Influences Workforce Issuesdemographic issues education non standardcontingent workersworkers who do not have regular fulltime employment status External Environmental Influences Technologyfrom Twitter to Facebook to videoconferencing a wide range of technology is available to organizations todayquestions are raised concerning data control accuracy right to privacy and ethicsfirms are monitoring employee email voice mail telephone conversations computer usage and behaviour using video surveillanceExternal Environmental Influences Governmentensure policies and practices comply with new and changing laws covering ohuman rightsoemployment standardsolabour relationsooccupational health and safetyoworkers compensationExternal Environmental Influences Globalizationfirms extend business operations abroademergence of one world economyincreased international competitionmultinational corporations conduct business around the world seek cheap skilled labourHR professionals must become familiar with employment legislation in other countries and manage ethical dilemmas when labour standards are lower than those in Canada External Environmental Influences Environmental Concernssustainabilityclimate changeglobal warmingpollution and carbon footprintextinction of wildlife speciesecosystem fragilityother related issues are increasingly important to people around the worldInternal Environmental InfluencesOrganizational Cultureocore values beliefs and assumptions that are widely shared bymembers of an organizationooften conveyed through an organizations mission statement Organizational Climateoprevailing atmosphere that exists and impacts employeesofriendly or unfriendly open or secretive rigid or flexible innovative or stagnantoinfluenced by leadership HR polices organizational communicationEmpowermentoproviding workers with the skills and authority to make decisions that would traditionally be made by managers
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