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Human Resource Management Chapter 2Employment labour standards legislation Laws present in every Canadian jurisdiction that establish minimum employee entitlements and set a limit on the maximum number of hours of work permitted per day or weekReasonable accommodation the adjustment of employment policies and practices that an employer may be expected to make so that no individual is denied benefit disadvantaged in employment or prevented from carrying out the essential components of a job because of grounds prohibited in human rights legislationUndue hardship The point to which employers are expected to accommodate under human rights legislative requirementsPermissible DiscriminationBona fide occupational requirement A justifiable reason for discrimination based on business necessity that is required for the safe and efficient operation of the organization or a requirement that can be clearly defended as intrinsically required by the tasks an employee is expected to perform Human Rights Cases ExamplesRace and ColourDiscrimination illegal in Canada in every jurisdictionSexual Orientation Prohibited in all jurisdiction Include both same sex and opposite sex couplesAge Employers believe it is justifiable to specify minimum or maximum ages for certain jobsReligionFamily StatusHarassment unwelcoming behavior that demeans humiliates or embarrasses a person that a reasonable person should have known to be unwelcomeSexual Harassment Offensive or humiliating behavior that is related to a persons sex as well as behavior of a sexual nature that creates an intimidating unwelcome hostile or offensive work environment or that couldEmployment Equity LegislationOccupational Segregation The existence of certain occupations that have traditionally been male dominated and other that have been female dominatedGlass Ceiling An invisible barrier caused by attitudinal or organizational bias which limits the advancement opportunities of qualified designated group membersUnderemployment being employed in a job that does not fully utilize ones knowledge skills and abilitiesUnderutilization Employment Equity ProgramsA detailed plan designed to identify and correct existing discrimination redress past discrimination and achieve a balanced representation of designated groups members in the organizationSix Main StepsStep1 Senior Management Commitment and Support A written policy endorsed by senior management and distributed to every employee is an essential first stepStep 2 Data Collection and Analysis Development internal workforce profile is necessary in order to compare internal representation with external workforce availability data set reasonable goals and measure progress This is known as utilization analysis This type of comparison is necessary in order to determine the degree of underutilization and concentration of designated group membersStep 3 Employment Systems Review to determine the impact of policies and procedures manuals collective agreements and informal practices on designated group members so that existing intentional or systemic barriers can be eliminatedStep 4 Plan development Once system reviews have been completed employment equity plan can be prepared Goals ranging from short to long term in duration should be flexible and tried to reasonable time tables Positive accommodation and supportive measures are three special measures of qualitative goalsStep 5 Implementation Process that transforms goals timetables and special measures into realityStep 6 Monitoring Evaluating and Revising Diversity ManagementActivities designed to integrate all members of an organizations multicultural workforce and use their diversity to enhance the firms effectiveness 3 Reasons for embracing diversity management1Employees with different ethnic backgrounds often possess foreign language skills have different business cultures and business practices and may even establish trade links in other nations which lead tocompetitive advantages2Visible minorities can also help to increase an organizations competitiveness and international savvy in the global business arena3Cultural diversity can help finetune product design marketing and ultimately customer satisfactionReview and Discussion Questions
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