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Management information system January 28 2014EBusiness and ECommerceHow do we differ Ecommerce and EBusinessEcommerce the buying and selling of the goods and services over the internetEBusinessthe conducting of business on the internet including not only buying and selling but also serving customers and collaborating with business partners Mass customization The ability of an organization to tailor its products or services to the customers specificationsPersonalizationOccurs when a company knows enough about a customers likes and dislikes that it can fashion offers more likely to appeal to that personThe long tailRefers to the tail of a typically sales curve oBecause E businesses are not limited b shelf space they can offer a far wide selection of products that may suit only a few customers Business value of disintermediation Intermediary Agents software or business that provide a trading infrastructure to bring buyers and sellers togetheroDisintermediationoReintermediationoCyber mediation Reducing costsoBusiness processes that take less time and human effortImproving operationsoCommunications customized to meet consumer needs and available 247
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