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ADM3319thJAN 112010Everything on the exam will be based on the profs lectures and videosNo midterm for this courseFinal will be consisted of multiple choices and short answersReflective log your personal reactionYou are going to select 2 different topicsYou can select any topic to this course You are going to analyze the article1Problem statement2Positional statement3Explanation4Cultural sensitivity Should include proper introduction 1 page and a proper summaryReflective logs 2 are due the start of the class on week 6Case studyPeer evaluationIntegrity sheetMust be printed hand written is not acceptableGroup project1Background the country selected cannot be covered in class 2 pages on introductionLanguage currency geographic conditionIntroduce the country to the audience2Culture and communicationIndividualismcollectivism societyCommunication practice affective in middleeast country How do people communicate in that culture ie in China people bargain a lot Verbal and nonverbal communication3Crossculture management 5 pagesHow do you modivate people how do people react to technology how do people manage knowledge4ConclusionWhat do you suggest what did you findTry to write your report like a story Connection between the part are very important Also make sure that you are consistent in your reportReference properlyOne page stating each members contribution who did what partthDue march 29Video Globalization the winners and losersHow is business without borders really affecting the world As Sabeer Bhatia inventor of Hotmail Narayan Murthy founder of Infosys and other industry leaders attest globalization has raised the standard of living in developing economies through hightech opportunities foreign investment and debt relief However Harvards Jeffrey Sachs and other experts point out that the world market is being exploited through shortsightedness including the aggressive deployment of genetically modified crops environmental negligence and the abuse of NAFTA This programproduced in the aftermath of the WTO protests in Seattleaddresses the pros and cons of doing business in the global marketplace 42 minutesWinnersLosersThe North Japan The US Europe and Many developing countries including parts of Asiamost of Africa and Latin AmericaOutputEmploymentPeople with AssetsPeople without AssetsProfitsWagesThe highly skilled and educatedPeople without skillsProfessional managerial and technical The uneducatedpeopleWorkersPeople able to adjust to new situations quickly and easilyPeople unable to adjust to new situations easilyCreditorsDebtorsThose independent of public servicesThose dependent on public servicesLarge firmsSmall FirmsMenwomen and childrenThe strong
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