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Chapter 11 SummaryKey TermsAlphabetic checkConfirms that only textual characters are entered in a database field Artificial intelligence AIThe science that attempts to produce computers that display the same type of reasoning and intelligence that humans doBatch processing The process of accumulating transaction data until a certain point is reached then processing those transactions all at onceBinary large object BLOBIn databases a type of object that holds extremely large chunks of data in binary form this data is usually video clips pictures or audio clipsBrowsing1 The process of viewing database records 2 The process of surfing the WebClickstream dataInformation captured about each click that users make as they navigate a Web siteCompleteness checkA process that ensures that all database fields defined as required have data entered into themComputational field computed fieldA numeric field in a database that is filled as the result of a computationConsistency checkThe process of comparing the value of data in a database field against established parameters to determine whether the value is reasonableData centralizationHaving all data in one central location usually a database Data centralization helps ensure data integrity by requiring data to be updated only in one place if the data changesData dictionary database schemaA file that defines the name data type and length of each field in the databaseData fieldHolds data such as birthdays and due datesData inconsistencyAny difference in data in lists caused when data exists in multiple lists and not all lists are updated when a piece of data changesData integrityThe process of ensuring that data contained in a database is accurate and reliableData martSmall slices of a data warehouseData miningThe process by which great amounts of data are analyzed and investigatedData redundancyWhen the same data exists in more than one place in a database
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