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Amniote animalsIncludes the synapsids mammals and diapsids reptiles including birdsWaterproofed their skin keratin and lipids in the cellUse lungs as their respiratory surfaceShelter their developing embryos using a waterfilled sacamnionAnapsidAnimals with no opening their skull for jaw muscles to attachConsidered derived diapsidsTemporal fenestra have closedie turtlesAngiospermFlowering plantsAppear suddenly in the fossil record without a fossil sequence that links them to any other plant groupsLikely originated about 140 MyaHave more efficient transport of water and nutrients than gymnospermsHave a twostep double fertilization process in their ovules that produce both an embryo and a unique nutritive tissue endosperm that nourishes the embryonic sporophyteThe name refers to the carpel seed vesselAntherCaps the filament of the stamenComposed of 4 pollen sacs develop pollenBird hipped dinosaursOrnithischiaHave a pubis bone that points backwardsCarpelWhere female gametophytes form in angiospermsLower part of the carpel is the ovaryCephalopodsExplosive radiation in the Jurassic following end Triassic extinctionCoevolutionWhen two or more species interact closely in an ecological
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