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You have grown a culture of Danio rerio gill cells and discovery that they are heavily contaminated with a mould a type of fungusWhich one of the following procedures is most likely to eliminate the mould without killing the fish cells a Treating the culture with a drug that damages DNAb Treating the culture with a detergent that destroys cell membranesc Treating the culture with a drug that impairs oxidative metabolismd Treating the culture with a drug that inhibits ergosterol synthesise None of a b c or d will eliminate the mould without killing the fish cells GTP a Consists of the nucleoside guanosine with three phosphate groups linked to the 5 carbon of the sugarb Is a ribose sugar covalently coupled via its 1 carbon to the nitrogenous base guanosine and its 5 carbon to three phosphate groupsc Is a high energy pyrimidine nucleotide capable of transferring energy through the loss of a phosphate group to power cellular reactions d All of a b and c are true of GTPe None of a b or c is true of GTPTo investigate the nature of a membrane protein you treat an isolated membrane with the enzyme phospholipase C and then probe the membrane with a fluorescent marker for the protein of interestNo fluorescence is detectedBy contrast membranes probed with the fluorescent marker after changes in solution pH or ionic strength show a strong fluorescent signalWhich one of the following conclusions is consistent with your observations a The protein of inte
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