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The type of movement used by nematode spermoAmeboidThe number of nematode lipsoThreeFreeliving nematodes are an important part of this nutrient cycleoDecompositionDormant rotifer eggs can withstand conditions of high heat extreme cold andor desiccation a process referred to as thisoCryptobiosisIn nematodes the opening to the female genital system is found in this region of the bodyoMiddleAscaris is an unusually large nematode because of its adaptation to this type of lifeoParasiticThe coelomic state of a gastrotrichoAcoelomateIf Rotifera and Acanthocephala become one phylum it will probably be called thisoSyndermataGastrotrichs are so small we have a special name for them and other animals like themoMeiofaunaDescribes the epidermis of an acanthocephalanoSyncytialThese help acanthocephalans hold onto their vertebrate hostoSpinesMost rotifers of a species have the same number of cells its an example of thisoEutely
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