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CROSSWORDS12132011BIOLOGY BIOLOGISTSBIOSCIENCESAcross1 PHYSICALISTSThe philosophy on living things saw them as being made up of small machines 7 MODERNThe age of science starts with the scientific revolution8 FUNGIThe Kingdom of multicelled saprophytic organisms that have a cell wall composed of chitin 9 ANIMALIAThe Kingdom of multicellular organisms that have to feed by swallowing other organisms whole or in chunks 10 ORDERIn the classification scheme after Kingdom Phylum Class comes this taxon 11 WHYHistorical narratives ask this type of question12 THEORYOf hypothesis and theory this is the more general finding that has the broadest application 14 GENUSThe first part of the binomen a species name 15 TESTINGBoth a theory and a hypothesis must be able to withstand this17 DOMAINThe major taxa recently changed and this new one was added at the very top of the scheme21 PLANTAEThe Kingdom of the multicellular photosynthesizers23 NUCLEUSProkaryotes are before the kernel and eukaryotes have a true kernelwhats the kernel25 SCALA NATURAEThe Latin name for the great chain of being proposed by Aristotle26 TERTIARYYour text book is an example of this type of scientific literature28 ULTIMATEType of cause that a molecular biologists is working with when comparing the frequency of DNA sequence of a gene that causes a genetic disease in an isolated population of immigrants on a small South Pacific island to the country that they arrived from 30 CHEMICALNatural sciences and physical scientists both agree that the objects that they study are subject to these laws as well as those of physics33 EXTINCTOrganisms that lived in the past but are no longer living on Earth are said to be this 35 INANIMATEPhysical sciences deal with this type of material biologists dont and it is one of the reasons that natural sciences were not a part of the scientific revolution36 NULLThis hypothesis explains what happens if the manipulated variable in an experiment doesnt have an affect
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