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256athree small groups of marine coelomate has a fluid filled body cavity animal from the phyla1 Brachiopoda2 Ectoprocta3 phoronidaall have a lophophore a circular Ushaped fold with one or two rows of hollowciliated tentacles surrounding the mouth molecular sequence data and the lophophore suggest that these phyla have a common ancestry lophophore looks like a crown of tentacles at the anterior end of the animal1 the coelomic cavity extends into it2 is involved in the capture of food 3 serves as a site for gas exchange4 they are sessile suspension feeders in adulthood5 have complete digestive system Ushaped in most anus is outside the ring of tentaclesmovement of cilia on the tentacles captures small organisms and debris then the cilia moves them to the mouth Phylum Brachiopodaalso known as lampshells1 have 2 hard shells 1 is secreted on the dorsal sideother is secreted on the ventral side2 has well developed organs heartspecialized excretory organs3 egg and sperm produced by different organisms4 fertilization is external 5 zygote gives rise to ciliated larva form before animal turns into an adultspecies attach to the substrates by a stalk connecting or supporting part that comes out from one of the shells lophophore held between the 2 shellsthe animal feeds by opening its shell and drawing water over its tentaclesPhylum Phoronida1consist of 18 or so species of worms2vary in length from few millimeters to 25 cm3build tubes of chitin polymer of Nacetylglucosamine on soft ocean sediments or hard body substrates 4feed by protruding the lophophore from the top of the tube5reproduce sexually and budding6they are monoecious both eggsperm produced by 1
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