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Modern theory and moreIncorporation of mendellian genetics in natural philosophy1natural selection had no mechanismmultiplication of species is the way we get new species By incorporating mendellian genetics we are able to explain the holes in darwins theories2no change in frequency no evolution Changes in allele frequencies in a population cause evolution32 of every allele and they express a phenotype which is different of a genotype Mendel sorted all this out before meiosis and mitosis4Hardy and wineburg study heredity and apply mathematical probability to it5Using hardy and wineburg principle they are able to see if there is a change in allele frequency Monitor if we have allele frequency changes Change and variation which occurs in a population evolution Only when this equation dosnt apply is when there is a change in allele frequency check slide 116Hardy wineburg principle no natural selection no mutation no genetic driftpopulation is large small population does not give a genetic drift random mating gene flow random mating7Check slide 13 ex can we select 4 activity for a population of mice what they wanted to do is mesure mice who enjoy running at highspeed they mate those with other similar thrunning mice and at the 9 generation those mice have that trait Genetic soo strong u end up with genetic fixation Fixation b1 allele gets fixed in the population while the other is lost through generations With the different treatments to kill diseases and bacteria we have caused a natural selection in the bugs and bacteria that we were trying to kill therefore allowing them to evolve and become a sort of superbacteria and illness 8Slide 16 and 17We can model selection people with sickle cell have a natural defense system that can cope with malaria9Reality we dont have that single cell allele combination it is more complicated than that You will get the bell curve for most traits in a population When loci traits in the equation we are not able to apply hardyWeinberg10Directional selectionEx there are female birds more attracted to long tail feathers therefore they mate with the ones with that traitthis leading to a future with birds in long tail feathers Conclusion it leads to one direction SEE SLIDE 19 AND 2011 Stabilizing selectionoptimal gull size too big for the wasp but too small for the woodpecker
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