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Allopatric SpeciationOrganisms of the same species separated by geographic areas and as a result unable to crossbreed because of geographic separation Eventually this causes that lineage to speciate and isolation might occur because of great distance or physical barrier creating distinct characteristics in the species Most common example is Darwins finches on Galapagos Islands and their beak sizes and shape AllopolyploidAn individual or strain whose chromosomes are composed of more than two genomes each of which has been derived more or less complete but possibly modified from one of two or more speciesHardyWeinberg Principle A fundamental principle in population genetics stating that the genotype frequencies and gene frequencies of a large randomly mating population remain constant provided immigration mutation and selection do not take placeModern Theory of Evolution Is when Mendelian genetics was consistent with natural selection and gradual evolution The Modern Evolution Synthesis 1942 proposed by Julian Huxley He demonstrated that studies of populations in the field are crucial in elaborating and explaining evolutionary theory Polyploidy The heritable condition in which a normally diploid cell or organism acquires one or more additional sets of chromosomes They are common among plants as well as among certain groups of fish and amphibiansSickle Cell Anaemia Sickle cell disease is inherited which means it is passed from parent to child To get sickle cell disease a child has to inherit t
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