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Mesozoic KeywordsAmniote animalswere able to live on dry land and did not rely on standing waterthey had waterproof skin amniote eggs w 4 specialized membranes and resistant to desiccationegg had membranes that protected embryo and facilitated gas exchangesome produce urea andor uric acid can be divided into 3 groups based on number of bony arches in temporal region of skull Anapsidone of the 3 lineages of the reptile groupderived diapsidsmember of amniote vertebratesnot temporal arches and no spaces on the side of the skullexample turtlesDiapsidstwo temporal arches and descendants include dinosaurs lizards snakes crocodiliansbecomes anapsid2 groups of diapsids one becomes extinct one will surviveSynapsidsgroup of small predatorshad one temporal arch on each side of heademerged in Permianmammals are living descendantsTemporal fenestrabilaterally symmetrical holes in the temporal bone number of which indicate whether species is anapsid diapsid synapsidhave to do with jaw musculature not seen in anapsidsAngiospermflowering plantsdefining feature are the flowers reproductive structuresanother defining feature are fruits helps protectdisperse seedsmost ecologically diverse plant on planet grow on dry land and wetlands freshwater seasseeds are made a lot more nutritious extra tissue wrapped around them so animals will carry them aroundAntherstructure within which male gametophyte is made4 pollen sac located in each anther and this is where microspores are producedOvulefound inside ovarythis is where megaspores are produced and in the case of angiosperm they are surrounded by sporangial tissue
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