BPS 1101 Study Guide - Final Guide: Coronary Artery Disease, Coronary Circulation, Heart Failure

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Smoking kills by poisoning the heart; carbon monoxide sticks to hemoglobin"s (and the lack of oxygen slowly destroys tissue overtime) Heart attack riskier for men, but equalizes in women after menopause. Exercise protects your heart (builds up coronary arteries) Homocysteine: marker molecule present in blood (more = indicate increase risk of heart attack) To reduce risk, metabolize with vitamins (b-12) but doesn"t protect in general. Improper functioning of the valves (corrected by surgery), impaired neural activity (noradrenaline antagonist needed beta blockers), high blood pressure, failure to pump enough blood, reduced flow through coronary arteries. High blood pressure cuff test: higher number measures systolic pressure" (pressure when heart squeezes), diastolic pressure" (pressure when heart rests, >90 is good). Normal value is 120/80, hypertension affects 20% of adults (2 components: essential = salt, secondary = controlled by enzyme system). Snakes ( bothrops jararaca" pit viper venom) lowers bp.

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