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University of Ottawa
Classical Studies

Thursday September 8 2011What is Ancient Greek civilization AncientBCEBefore Common EraBCBefore ChristBPBefore Present ex 2000 BCE2000 20114011 BPPrehistoric ErasPrehistoric Nobody was writing down and recording historical events before thenPalaeolithic 10000010000 BCE Old Stone AgeMesolithic 100006000 BCE Middle Stone AgeNeolithic 60003000 BCENew Stone AgeBronze Age 30001100 BCEDarkIron Age 1100750 BCEHesiods Prehistoric ErasGold PalaeolithicSilver MesolithicBronze BronzeHeroic BronzeIron DarkIronThis was his own timeHerodotus of HalicarnassusThe Father of History484420 BCEHistoriaTo ask questionsHerodotus wanted to know about the past so he asked questions and wrote down the answersMore ErasArchaic 750490 BCEClassical 490323 BCEHellenistic 32331 BCE The end of the Classical era is marked by the death of Alexander the Great The end of the Hellenistic era is marked by the death of Cleopatra and the takeover by the RomansRoman 31323 CEByzantine 3231453 CEOttoman 14531832 CEGreek Graeci The name used by for the Greeks by the RomansHellenes The Greeks called themselves thisHellene comes from Hellen NOT Helen of TroyHellenThe son of the Greek equivalent of Noah The Greeks believed that they were all descendants of HellenThe original Greeks lived in Hellas believed to be at ThessalyWhat makes a HelleneLanguage IndoEuropean3 main dialects Dorian Ionian AeolianReligionPolytheistic believed in many godsThey practiced the same ritualsBoth of these things appeared in Hellas circa 2000 BCECivilizationThe Hellenes were the first civilized Europeans5 Criteria for civilization1AgricultureAt first they were huntergatherers following animalsnot getting food from the same plot of land2Towns of 50003Monumental buildings temples meeting places etc4MetallurgyKnowing how to work metals into tools agricultural weapons etc5System of writing presentAnagram for remembering thisATMMSWho got credit for teaching the Greeks Hellenes about civilizationPrometheus the son of a titan
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