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Questions for midterm testIntroduction1 What is archaeology2 What is a cultural anthropology b physical anthropology In what ways do these disciplines overlap with archaeology3 What is the difference between ancient history and archaeology In what way do these disciplines overlap4 In what ways do archaeologists and ancient historians cooperate5 In what way does archaeology overlap with the natural sciences6 Why does archaeology always have an anomalous position within academiaChapter 1 7 Divide the history of archaeology into 4 phases mention the name of the phase and indicate the time frame8 As Man is thinking about his past for as long as he exists why did archaeology only emerge in ththe 19 century9 What three major developments in the research into the past triggered the birth of modern archaeology around 185010 In what sense was the decipherment of hieroglyphics by Champollion important for the understanding of Ancient Egypt11 Why is Heinrich Schliemann less important for archaeology than say General Pitt Rivers despite his great discoveries12 What three achievements were made by Sir Arthur Evans in his excavations at Knossos Crete from c 1900 onwards13 In which way did he still look like Heinrich Schliemann when interpreting material remains14 When and by whom was the tomb of Tutankhamun discovered15 Why was the tomb discovered this late although all the other tombs in the Valley of the Kings were long known and why was it still intactth16 Despite these great discoveries in the Mediterranean of the first half of the 20 century it were the prehistorians who transformed archaeology Who is the great name in this period and what did he contribute to archaeology17 What three achievements were made in archaeology after World War II18 In which 2 ways were some archaeologists dissatisfied with the discipline in the 1950s and 1960s19 The answer to this dissatisfaction was New Archaeology Write down the 7 points in which New Archaeology disagreed with traditional archaeological theory and practicep 41 of Renfrew and Bahn20 Who was the big name in New Archaeology21 In which 3 ways did New Archaeology transform the conduction of fieldwork22 What is postprocessional archaeologyChapter 2
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