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University of Ottawa
Classical Studies

1CLA 2323 GREEK MYTHOLOGYWhen you finish 1st midterm February 5th 2013please keep this exam sheet and give only Total marks 65 20 of final gradeyour scantronPlease fill in your answer on the scantron sheetDont forget to fill in your name and student number1 Which of the following words is used as a widely accepted definition of myth a Legendary b traditionalcetiological d literary2 What does the Greek term aitionetion mean a cause or reasonb folktale c true myth d ritual practice3 In Homer the word mythos refers toa a true storyb a strong statement c a ritual d a fictional character4What is an important element in defining the word legendaIthasarelationshiptohistorybitmustbeaproductofimaginationcitmustcontainelementsoffolktaledItshouldcontainahighmoralcontentth5 The ancient Greeks of the 5 century BC described themselves as a Graikoib Achaians c Hellenes d Hellenisticse Aegeans6 What is the name of a theory that sought to rationalize myths by claiming that the gods were originally powerful humans a allegory b psychoanalysis cstructuralism d euhemerism7 One of the following is NOT true of the identity of the Greeksa They spoke a common languageb They were politically unitedc They worshipped the same pantheon of godsd They participated in religious and athletic festivals eThey consulted the oracles8 Aeschylus Sophocles and Euripides are aEpic poets of the Bronze Ageb Dramatic poets of the Hellenistic Period c Lyric poets of the Archaic Period dDramatic poets of the Classical period 9 The major Bronze Age Civilization which was developed on the Mainlandof Greece is known as a MyceneanbMinoancAthenian d DorianeArchaic10 Who questioned the educational value of Hesiods and Homers storiesa Plato b AristotlecPindar d Aristophanese Ovid 1
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