CMN 3155 Study Guide - Direct Democracy, Extraversion And Introversion, John Dewey

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Pay attention to typology of pool and different types, and critical issues regarding typology pools (4 or 5 types?) Focus on debate between walter lippman verses john dewey. Wl: direct democracy is impossible because ordinary citizens could not be expected to make rational decisions about specific affaires. Operations of politics were largely invisible and inaccessible to the average citizen. Rely to much on media= that media cannot provide the sorts of political information citizens need to make decisions. Public opinion is linked to elite political behavior is called retrospective voting . Jd: wl is descriptive- nothing to do with the limit of citizenship or democracy. Democracy depended upon the direct democracy of its citizens. Democratic government required that citizens be given the opportunity to participate in the active. Social scientific knowledge an important resource for public decision making should not become simply a body of knowledge in the hands of elites.