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The State and Crime Law - Sept 25 13.docx

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University of Ottawa

The State and CrimeThe State in InfluxThe state is an institution that claims the exclusive right to exercise force in a given territory through the use of the police and armed forcesMonarchyTransfer power from gen to gen within a single family Earlier monarchies were absolute Modern ones are generally constitutionalDemocracyGenerally is rep rather than fully participatory Affluent industrial societies tend to be democraciesAuthoritarianismis a political system that denies popular participation in govtTotalitarianismis a political system that extensively regulates peoples livesoChinaOne child policy Visiting grandparentsmonthsoCanada not as extensiveDrinking age driving age tattoo age gambling ageoThe state controls your body byPrisonCapital PunishmentDrinking LawsDriving LawsVagrancy Laws William ChamblissEngland 14th CenturyoChurch oBlack PlagueoCrusadesLeads to Class ConflictoThe Vagrancy Laws constituted an abundance of cheap labour to Englands ruling elite during a period when serfdom was breaking down and the pool of labour was depletingCriminal Law in CanadaBritish common law is major source of law in CanadaUnder BNA Act 1867 only federal govt can make criminal lawoQuebec was the first province to have a law against texting and drivingPolice of Canada Act 1868Inception of the RCMP and the Dominion PoliceCriminal Code of Canada 1892Uneven development of law enforcement across Canada
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