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University of Ottawa

Criminology midtermFriday September 14 2012418 PMQuestions from test 3 Given that more break and enters are reported in the area of Sandy Hill than in other regions of Ottawa we can assume that Mario who lives in the Sandy Hill area is more likely to park illegally than people who live in any other area of OttawaThis statement is an example of anStudents may choose more than one answer for this response but remember negative testing is in effecta Tautological fallacyb Common Sense c Ecological fallacy d Statement of Truthe Ethnocentric fallacyPoints 075 4 Arguably the most significant articles of the Magna Charta to modern North American understandings of justice are the 38th 39th and 40th articles from which comesStudents may choose multiple responses Please remember negative testing is in effect a The right to freedom of conscience and religion b A right to trial by a jury of ones peers c Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and in particular without discrimination based on race national or ethnic origin colour religion sex age or mental or physical disability d A requirement of probable cause for indictment of a crime e The right to freedom of thought belief opinion and expression including freedom of the press f The right to a speedy and fair trial according to the law of the land
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