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CRM 1301Midterm 2 NotesMarxismHow can we control crimeProvide homeless shelters remove crime based on necessityTeach and nurture children properly values societal normsImprove education and access to eduExpand workforceConservativesCauses of crimeSocial disorderLack of institutionsbroken down systemCJS too lenientLiberalCauses of crimeSocialeconomic inequalitySociety not meeting basic needsWhat should the function of prisons beRehabilitationProtect societyPunishmentDeterrence generalspecificJustice from victims perspectiveThere is a contradiction between punishment and rehabilitation One institution aiming to accomplish two entirely different objectives is impossibleIs the system too soft on criminalsPrisons breed failureHard to find employmenthousingrelationships when one has a criminal recordSocially removed the world changes fast when youre behind barstechnologyMoral condemnationEmergence of PrisonsUSAhighest incarceration rateJapan Netherlands Iceland India England Canadalowest incarceration ratesDancing InmatesCooperationTeamworkRehabilitationCoping strategy combat depressionNot a deterrent children go to watch its a fun dance partyin prisonWould not work in CanadaCanada250 jailsprisons73 federal institutions177 provincial institutionsMALE109 000year max securityFEMALE210 000year max securityMC Test question Why Simply because there are less female inmatesyet costs to run the facility stay the same therefore the cost per inmate increases Precursors to PrisonPrison wasnt always considered punishmentDungeons held person before punishmentClerical penance read the bible a period of solitudeWorkhouses bride wells poor houses hope to make people productiveDebtors prisons people who couldnt pay their debts imprisoned and make mass produced items potato sacks Sometimes a persons entire family was heldCounty gaolsjails Beccaria abusive environment poor people had to pay feesWhat lead to the emergence of prisonsCapital punishment wasnt working anymoreColonies closed their doors and thus transportation was no longer an optionTherewasashiftofpunishmenttothebodytopunishmentofthemindadeprivationoflibertyENLIGHTENMENTCLASSICAL THEORYINDUSTIRAL REVOLUTIONAge of reasonPunishmentproportionate Killingnot helpful because Questioned existing therefore incarceration lengths of the demand for hard institutionsdetermined from the severity productive workersof the crimeJohn Howard SocietyHelp men convicted of a crime reintegrate back into societyJohn Howard observed jail conditions and wanted welltrained prison administration He advocated for church services to be available within prisonsElizabeth Fry SocietyHelp women convicted of a crime reintegrate back into societyWorked with female convicts and wanted to give mothers skills and teach them crafts and tradesWhy are they called PenitentiariesBased on religionpenitentto expressfeel regret or sorrow for misdeedsIndividuals needed to be removed and reflect on their misdeedsSolitary confinement was considered to be beneficial because it removed a person from the sources of temptationMoral Architecture of the PrisonProjection of how world should beMoral uplifting of populationRemove from sources of temptationFits with Enlightenment idealsImpose discipline
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