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CRM FinalCapital punishment in CanadaoDates back to 1759oDeath penalty eliminated on July 14 19761481 people sentenced to death 710 executed 697 men 13 womenoMethod used was hangingoLast execution Arthur Lucas and Ronald Turpin on Dec 11 1962 at Torontos Don JailoJune 30 1987 bill to restore death penalty was defeated 148127 vote PM Brian Mulroney and Minister of External Affairs Joe Clark opposed the bill Deputy PM Donald Mazankowski and majority of Progressive Conservative MPs supported itEdwin Hardin Sutherland 18831950oCoined whitecollar crime 1939Criminal acts of corporations and individuals in corporate capacityCrime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupationDifficult to prosecute because the perps are sophisticated crims who have concealed activities through a series of complex transactionsthe upper whitecollar class which is composed of respectable or at least respected business and professional menterm also refers to corporate crimeoTheory of differential associationCrime is learned not geneticLearned from intimate personal groupsWhite Collar CrimeoNow it refers to illegal acts committed for personal gain by people in positions of trustoNow it includes both middleincome persons and corporate titansoIncludesEmployee theftEmbezzlementFinancial fraudCheating on income taxPatent infringementPhony stocksInsider tradingPonzi schemesFalse advertisingComputer crimeOnline theftfraud like identity theft stealing credit card and social insurance Professional deviance such as medical misconduct sexual exploitation of patients overdouble billing by doctors and lawyers and legal lawlessnessoCosts of WCChundreds of billions exceed any other crimeoWCC kills people and damage propertyWhite Collar vs Blue Collar Street CrimeoWhite collar is occupationally related criminal is respectable upperclass especially business managers and executives
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