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CRM1301examreviewApril12141242 PM The Demonic PerspectiveTrephiningIndividual who were having illusions or were delusional had a hole drilled in their skull in order to get rid of the spirits If that person was still alive the procedure was successful WitchcraftCorrelated with The Crucible where Tituba Sarah GoodSarah Osborne are accused of witchcraft in Salem 1692What to do with the witchesExodus 2218 Thou shalt not suffer a witch to liveLeviticus2027 A man also or woman that hath a familiar spirit or that is a wizard shall surely be put to death they shall stone them with stones their blood shall be upon themAssumptions of DemonologySecularizationa systematic and general attempt to explain somethingThe world is a battlefield between supernatural forces of good and bad Deviancesin Cause and cure of deviant behaviour in the realm of the supernatural Deviance has cosmic consequences1 Harmful to victims2 God3 The entire cosmosTwo paths to Demonic DevianceTemptation Model Individuals are tempted and persuaded by the devilPath of position possession Individuals lacks choice not responsible for actions The solution to this possession is exorcismHow to diagnose the Handiwork of the Devil Trial by ordeal accused would carry hot iron or walk onhot coals then they would wrap their wound if the wounds werent infected God had intervened and if they were infected he hadnt Trial by cold water accused would have their hands and feet tied if they sankthey were innocent if they floated they were not 5 types of evidence to convictTrial by clever test individual would have to say the Lords Prayer Those that were guilty would say it backwards or make a mistakeIndividual testimony one persons word against anotherPhysical marks of the devil based on physical appearance and if theres an abnormality theyre working with the devil wart mole skin tag birthmarkSpectral evidence someone would claim to see a ghost of you and the only way it could be produced was if you made a pack with the devilConfession of guilt trying to prove either the actus reus or the mens rea Torture people to get them to confess and name accomplicesConfessional devicesTorture devicesInquisitional Chair Made of iron spikes to pierce the skin and would heat as wellIron Spider Hung from ceilingCats Paw Scratch individualJudas Cradle Hoisted above stool and released on itStrappado Individual left to hand dropped just of groundHeretics Fork Sharp device around neck pierce neck and chinThe Rack Body elongateThe Headcrusher Tighten headWitchcraft in contextProvide explanation Changes and turmoil in societyMaintain status quoProtect position and privilegesChallenge authoritiescharged with heresyDivert attentionBlames witches and the Church becomes indispensibleScapegoat Target powerless or threatening groups discourage behaviourRationale for PunishmentRooted in ChristianityBiblical lawlex tallonis eye for an eye tooth for a tooth Penance through physical painNothing scared about the bodyRestore order of the worldMaintain balanceEliminate evil spirits through death Symbolism of fireDeterrenceGeneral a sentence that is severe enough to stop people from committing crimes and specific discourage though punishment an individual offender from committing another crime in the futureAffirm authority of the ChurchSocial control Rid society of undesirablesdeviantsReligious ControlMore shame than painThe Ducking Stool Brank Branding Socially Constructed Problem The Moral PanicMoral panic Occurs when a condition episode person or group of persons is defined as a threat to societal values and interestsMoral entrepreneurs can be an individual group or a formal organization who takes the responsibility to persuade the society at what is more important in terms of lawsFolk devils groups that vise to be a threat to societyModern Day Witch HuntsA witch hunt occurs any time a group of people persecutes another group unfairly usually blaming that group for larger problemsModern day drug usersdrug laws a witch hunt Opium Act of 1908 stricter drug lawsEmily Murphys The Black CandleThis book created a moral panic in societyVideo Notes The Burning TimesAfter the roman times womens continued traditions of the old religion and were leaders counsellors visionaries and healers aka wise women The Christian Church and state branded them witches and condemned them as worshippers of the DevilIdea of witches date back to the Renaissance and the period in history known as the witch crazeTaught to fear the witches but still drawn to their powers Conicalknowledge cauldronorigins of lifemagical power of womenThe word witchcraft has been used to dismiss cultural traditions around the worldThe Society of the Alejo Brazilfor generations the traditions of their African ancestors were kept alive Women who practiced rituals like the Alejo in AfricaAmerica were called heathens and were persecuted as witches They are called witchdoctors and charlatansModern doctors are beginning to reexamine the healing power of the human spiritEuropean healers who were burned relied on Christian faith when performing their curesWitch comes from wic which means to bend of shape consciousnessevents of life through meditationschantsNew Pagans feel like they are returning to a pre Christian tradition which honours women and menThe Church of Rome set the Inquisition to enforce its will People who criticized the church or held different beliefs were executed as criminals85 of people who were killed for witchcraft were women It was considered as the women holocaustThe witch craze involved the destruction of life with endured for thousands of yearsPagans lived on a particular part of the land had ceremonies traditions goddesses that were appropriate to God They were part of life traditions crops grow help animals relationship of moon sun planetsWith the arrival of Christianitybeliefs churches were built over the Pagan shrine and goddesses turned into saintsIts not unusual that women like Jone Darc who took prophetic rules and become visionaries leadersIn the 15th century women were physicians of the people They understood the principles of anatomy and nutrition Priest fumed over the wise women No one did more harm to the Catholic faith than the midwives because they interfered with Gods will by using birth control and abortion The witch burnings was a way to take control of womens power reproductionbodyPunishments Those who demand reform were branded as enemies of God followed by accusation of witchcraft Those who spoke out wore the mask of shame Husbands were ordered to beat their wives out of charity for their soulThose who sleep in church wore the rosary necklaceOther faces the ducking stoolGuilt and sin were a part of Christian life Sexuality was the root of evil and women were obstacle to a mans holiness St Thomas AquinasGreatest pleasure for the blessed ones in Haven was watching tortures of the eternally dammedthBlack play end of the world 14 century Gods punishment for sin People turned to the villages wise women for comfort and help
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