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thCRM 3301March 8 2013Class NotesLeft off talking about the nature of communicationoCant make theories about media the same way you could ten years agooIts evolved changed its everywhereLego marketingoCan buy lego citycops and robbers book seriesFacial expressions on crooks are angry stubbly faceCops are happy smilingInteresting narrative in good guy bad guyHow do police negotiate the use of imageryoCJ system tripping over its own imageRealize the image of police is importantDont usely speak to the pressAre police the good guy Tell the tail of good guy but they themselves may fall into that same bad guy narrativeLoopingoRelationship with pressGood relationship when wanting to show good behaviour such as mad drug bust they come in and want the camera to film the drugs and show to the publicBut then when police are caught working in bad faith they display them as bad people and their character is questionedoCamera obviously youtube or videos changes policingGuelph police tweeting about arrests in a downstown areaoMeet with good emotion want to see more of itoSaid the night was a large successoHowever when you look at what they were charging people with
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