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ECON 2147 Midterm and Solutions

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University of Ottawa
J Ianweizhen

1ECO 2147AANALYSIS OF ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL DATAMIDTERM EXAM July 7 2014Duration 90 minutesPART I 30 points There are 15 questions each worth 2 pointsDEADEEACEBEBEAE1 Which of the following is correct about the probability sampling methodsa In systematic sampling there is an interval between each selected unit in the sampleb In stratified sampling the population is divided into homogeneous mutually exclusive strata and then independent samples are selected from each stratumc In Cluster sampling the population is divided into clusters and a number of clusters are selected randomly and then all units within selected clusters are included in the sample d All of above e Only a and c2 All the statements below are correct excepta A census refers to data collection about every unit in a group or populationb Administrative data are collected as a result of an organizations daytoday operationsc Data collection methods used by Statistics Canada include personal interview telephone interview self completed and other methods like using the administrative recordsd Sampling error generally decreases as the sample size increasese Nonsampling errors do not exist in sample surveys 3 For a survey using simple random sampling if the chance of being selected is 25 the weight attached with each record is equal to a 4 b 075c 5d 025e 054 According to the 2011 Census which of the following is NOT correcta a widowed mother living with her married son and daughterinlaw belongs to the same economic familyb a man and his wife living with their married son and daughterinlaw belong to the same economic familyc two or more brothers or sisters living together apart from their parents belong to the same economic familyd a single father living by himself belongs to an economic family e the grandparents living with their grandson without the presence of their son belong to the same economic family5 According to the 2011 Census collective dwellings do NOT include a hotelsb school residencesc hospitalsd jailse none of above 6Which of the following statement is NOT correct a Home language is the first language learned at home in childhood and still understood by the individual at the time of the censusb Work language refers to the language used most often at work by the individual at the time of the censusc Knowledge of official language in the census assesses respondents ability to understand the two official languagesd all of abovee a and c
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