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Stage One Ask how reasonable or how credible the argument is1 Identify the main claim2 Summarize the argument justlyStage two Arguments and EvidenceStep One Analyzing the Writers Reasoning and Evidence 1 Identify type of reasoning Inductive deductive or causal 12892 Identify types of evidence examples facts and figures authorities analogies129303 Test to see if the evidence is reliable relevant and adequateStep Two Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses1 Look for weaknesses in reasoning logical fallacies 1352Look of weaknesses in evidence hasty generalizations good authorities etcStep Three Categorize and chart strengths and weaknesses see chart on 145Stage Three Formulating an Evaluative Thesis StatementStep One Forming an Opinion about the relationship between strengths and weaknesses1 You need to decide if the overall strengths outweigh the weaknesses or notStep Two Supporting your claimopinion1 Decide what the main supports are for your claim is Your main claim is whether their argument is strong or weak so y
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