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ENG1123Jan 10thThe 18 CenturyMany changesfeminism slave trade abolished new public spheresocial exchanges and cultural census coffee housesnew and expanding reading public1774 copyrights change and allow books to become accessible to all new science1 16301660Charles IFelt he was divinely chosen by God to be KingProtestant himself and marries a Catholic womanProtestants feel that they dont need a middleman priest to communicate with GodBecause he married a Catholic hes perceived as a threatPuritans and Presbyterians Protestant secs that oppose him 1649 Charles I is executed England becomes commonwealth 19491659 Interregnum period without a KingCromwell dies in 1659 commonwealth collapses decent into social chaosInvite Charles II to rule and he does 2 years after Cromwells death they dig up his body and drag it through the streets of LondonShortlived joy of the return of Charles II because they realise many thingsAmoral UnusualHe associated with actresses who were considered prostitutes for selling themselvesHe quickly makes many enemies 2 16601688The people feared Charles II was too much like his father and feared his Catholic sympathies Charles II dies in 1685James II takes over his Catholic brotherFear that England will be CatholicisedJames II openly antagonizes his enemiesProduces a catholic sonHouse of Commons invites William III to take over the crown in 1688 and he advances unopposed Glorious Revolution 1688Constitutional monarchy king chosen by his people and rules alongside parliament 3 16881714William III defeats James II1690 1715 1745 Dates of uprisings by supporters of James II Jacobite William III dies in 1702Succeeded by Queen Anne 17021714Tory conservative agenda power to the kingWhig liberal power to parliament 1707 Great Britain created Scotland England WalesAnne dies in 1714During Annes time parliament passed a law saying anyone going to be must be ProtestantGeorge I is invited from Germany he spoke no EnglishHanover familyConstitutional monarchy is consolidated Church of England is confirmed as the church of the nation 4 17141770Relatively calm periodGeorge I is kingWhigs establish political reign largely control house of commonsTorys marginalisedRichard Walpole becomes Prime Minister Rapid political and economic expansion Crown is being passed down to George II 1727 then George III 17605 17701800Commercial and national growthIf you werent Protestant you werent treated as a full member of society DissentersPolitical order is being destabilized 1776 American revolution1789 French revolution The nature of British order is threatened by these eventsIsaac NewtonLaws of gravityInvents telescopePresents ideas that there are set universal lawsJohn LockeAll knowledge is derived through the sensesNo innate ideasth18 Century Cont Battle of the Books Ancients vs Moderns
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