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Lecture 1Fairy TalesWednesday September 07 2011655 PMFairy Tale Definitiono A tale about fairieso An unreal or incredible storyo a story or fantasy that appeals to our sense of the marvelous in which we suspend disbelief and let our subconscious patterns of wish fulfillment express themselves through magical occurrences characters or objects OriginsoOral tales 15th century printing pressoEntertainment social commentary socializationoWere NOT written intended for childrenBut not censored and children were not discouraged from hearing themo17th centuryaristocratic circles Perrault and Beaumonto19th centurydebates about suitabilityo18301900rise of middle classes in Europe fairy tale more popularoAfter 1945 WW2 fairy tales sanitized Development of the fairy taleoWalt Disney Snow White 1937 Cinderella 1950 Sleeping Beauty 1959Adaptations have been criticized for being racist sexist homophobic and imperialistAdvice from a Disney Princesso1960snew fairy tales that challenged conventional themesFeminist fairy tales rethink conservative views of gender and powerMulticultural tales preserve traditions and revise misconceptionsoModern dayserious contemporary mores and values oParodies of both tradition and newer tellingsoUndeniably part of childhood and culture the fairy tale has become totally institutionalized in Western society part of the public sphere with its own specific code and forms through which we communicate about social and psychic phenomena Children are initiated and expected to learn that the fairy tale code that has its keywords icons and metaphors but it is not a static code As long as the fairy tale continues to awaken the wonderment of the young and to project counterworlds to our present societywhere childrens yearnings and wishes may find fulfillmentit will serve a meaningful social function not just for compensation but for revelationMotifs keywords icons metaphorsoDistant timeoDistant landoGeneric locationoAbandonment oFamilyoLiberationoSufferingoMagic
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