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GRT 2100 Midterm ReviewClass 2 II Psychosocial Development ContdStereotypesWhat is a stereotypeMany forms of stereotypingoGenderoPhysical attributesoAgeWeightoRaceAttractivenessoSocioeconomic statusHair colourStereotypes AgingElderlyKnoxGekoski 1989oStudents rated older individuals less favourably than middle aged and younger individuals onAutonomyEffectivenessPersonal acceptabilityWorkplace ageism Marshall et al 1997o62 agreed employers believe OA should step aside and 50 that OA have low productivityo84 agreed employers discriminate against OA when hiringAgeismWhat is ageismViewed as a social problemFocus on physical and cognitive declineSources of Negative ViewsCanadians learn to be prejudiced against the old based on many sourcesoPhilosophy literature and theatreoMediaoJokesoBirthday cardsStereotyping Mass Media TVMoviesElderly rarely depicted in a positive lightWoman portrayed more negatively menStereotyping Mass Media AdvertisementsOAs tend to appear in ads for products aimed to help them cope with disabilitiesLess visibility of OA in media posses little social valueStereotypes of Aging Article SummaryProduction of birthday cards is a consumerdriven produces reflects buyers preferencesSuggests pessimism about ageingNew AgeismNew ageism belief that OAs require special treatment aka compassionate stereotypeTends to create sympathy but doesnt paint an accurate picture tries to do good but does bad1AgeismSocial PolicyFocuses on population rather than individual agingFear of an aging societyOA seen as dependent unproductive and costlyOA are a burden on Canadian societyIntergenerational equalityGetting Around the StereotypesKnowledgeReganBowen 2001 studyFacts of Aging Quiz FAQ scores improve with educationThe Positive of AgingCanadians have an ambivalent views of aging and Canada is known to be an ageist societyBut there are many positives to growing old especially in Canada medical care tax break financial support recreational support housingWinds of ChangeResearch shows that OA live food lives despite stereotypes and ageismOAs are productive and activeChanges in societyAim to make things easier for OAAdvertisements try to appeal more to elderlyModernization in TV and other media with respect to OAProblem new positive view may pressure OAClass 3 I Aging in CanadaSexGenderWhat is the difference between gender and sexoSex plays a role in aging ex estrogenoGender socialcultural normsRoles are influenced by gender society and cultureOpportunities in employment and education influenced by genderGenderLongevityWhat is life expectancyDoes it differ among men and womenoUS statsCockerham 1998 life expectancy increased 41 for women from 18501950 but only 30 for menoCanadian statsLife expectancy of a women 65 increased almost 50 while mens increased only 26 from 19312005More Women than Men in the Later Years2000 US census showedo65 70 men100 womeno85 41 men100 women2
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