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HIS1120 Final: Napoleonic Reform: Exam Topics

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HIS 1120
Tesler Mabe
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Napoleon as reformer of values:
1. Did he continue Revolution or destroy it?
1. yes and no
2. his was different
3. his was more liberal, less radical
His reforms:
4. Napoleonic Code
1. legal code
2. standardized through all of FR
3. same laws across an Empire
4. growing with the expansion
5. freedom of Person (natural rights)
6. Freedom of contract (binding nature of contract)
1. property, rise of middle class
7. equality of all French people
8. liberty of Control
9. Liberty of Minority groups/religion
5. Centralization of State
1. new taxes
2. conscription
3. state control of Rel
4. professional army
5. Bureaucracy, standardized
1. middle class with shared values
2. creating a common sensibility
6. Old order destroyed
1. aristocratic order will never fully recover
2. old regime cant reestablish itself
3. constitutions are granted to almost all French conquered lands
1. rights of the citizen
2. what should be practiced
4. peasantry / serfdom, abolished
7. Redrawing of European Map
1. much more rational lines
2. no more jigsaw in Germany
8. Napoleon creates modern army / Total War
1. professional army, conscription
2. Total war:
1. all resources put into defeating enemy
2. economic war
9. Religious matters
1. freedom of religion is guarantied BUT its under the control of the state
2. 1801-02: Concordat with papacy
1. freedom of practice
2. “modern French state wherein most of the citizens happen to be Catholic”
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