HIS2129 Final: Final Exam Study Package

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4 Aug 2016
HIS2129 – Final Exam Study Package
Lecture 1
History is:
Subject matter – what happened
A process – finding out what happened
A narrative – telling what was found
Contemporaneous = artefacts, newsapapers, books
Posterior = oral histories
Technological change drives economic growth (20th century)
Solow 1957 increase in capital accounts for 13% of US growth 1909-1949
87% residual increase attributed to technical change
Productivity changed accounted for 34% of growth in developed countries
Antiquity - Technology was practical or productive part of general arts
18th century – technology becomes a category as Industrial Revolution starts
Antiquity – Greeks said arts were useful and fine
Practical arts called mechanical – problem-solving, banausic, slaves, sordid
19th century arts called applied science, practical science studied in
1861 founded Mass Institude of Tech
Tech is art of speech – systematic approach, speaking/thinking, lexicon
18th century tech was science of the arts
1st schools of tech in France & Germany
Tortelli & Vergil added inventions to list of Natural History
History of tech stayed a list until 19th century – who came up with
what/when (encyclopedias developed)
Lewis Mumford – technics & civ published in 1934
Machine age was around 18th century
Toynbee that called it the Industrial revolution to tech innovations
Karl Marx assumed tech forces evolved automatically & determined
character of other institutions – relationship is reciprocal
Early tech was a history of inventions
20th century looked at more than single innovations
Took into account not patented but entire systems and alliances, crossovers
Langdon winner = relationship between tech & politics
No political options only authoritarianism
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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