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Marion Auditorium - Need student card. Exam is in two parts: The final essay question: - will be cumulative - will require some detail, but not too much - 2-3 pages in length - worth 10% of your final grade - you will select ONE of the three essay questions - will focus on a WIDER ISSUE. o Focus on second half of the course (weeks 9-14) The evolution of the Canadian economy was a significant theme in this course - Trade, exports th o Pattern emerges in the 16 century - By the 18 century, agriculture has grown significantly - Industrialization was beginning to occur o 20 century – really industrialized - decline of manufacturing starts in 1970s o partially compensated by the rise of the turchery sector - who are canada’s export partners? o The importance of Britain? Canada’s march toward independence was completed in 1982 - represented government - elected - responsible government, internal self-government - confederation – Canadian inspired - INTERNALLY autonomous in 1848 (province) - Dominion of Canada – 1931 statute of Westminster - Ability to amend the constitution was patriated in 1982 - Canada’s constitutional evolution The basic division of power that characterizes Canadian federalism was established by the British North America Act of 1867 - between 1930s and early 1980s, federal government regains lost power - provincial power starts to grow on either end of those dates - renew 1982 constitution o charter of rights and freedoms into constitution - constitution > federalism > politics The
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