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HSS1100 Midterm: HSS1100

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Health Sciences
Franco Pagotto

Where is Bacilius Cereus commonly found? A. In rice B. in Fish Exclusively C. In animal hides (fur) D. In Humans only E. In certain species of Birds 2. Which of the following are NOT traits of Mycobacterium? i. -acid-Fast Bacterium ii. -can grow rapidly on artificial media iii. -are Gram-positive cocci A. i only B. ii only C. iii only D. i and ii only E. ii and iii only 3.Which of the following statements about syphillis is false? A. Syphilis is caused by a spirochete bacterium B. A positive VDRL test must be confirmed by specific treponemal antibody tests C. A non-specific test involves cardiolipin as an antigen. D. It can transmitted to the foetus E. It can be seen microscopically using acid fast stain. 4.Which of the following is not a parasitic disease? A. Amoebiasis B. Trichomoniasis C. Giardiasis D. Toxoplasmosis E. Histoplasmosis 5.Which of the following disease is NOT causes bacterial Exotoxin? A. Botulism B. Enteric Fever C. Anthrax D. Tetanus E. Diphtheroa 6.Which of the following is NOT a part of the metazoa family? A. Enterobius Vermicularis B. Trichinella Spiralis C. Anisakis Simplex D. Schistosoma spp. E. Giardia Lamblia 7.To be considered positive, a tuberculin test must show, after 48 hours, an induratoion: A. Less than 5mm in Diameter B. Larger than the redness (erythema) C. 10 mm or more in diameter D. With some local hemorrhage E. With scab formation 8.Malaria is caused by which of the following organisms? A. Toxoplasma B. Trypanosoma C. Trichomonas D. Giardia E. Plasmodium 9.The Bacillus anthracis Toxin: (NOT SURE) A. Is made up of the 3 separate proteins B. Is Encoded on the plasmid pXO2 C. Is an endotoxin D. Causes flaccid muscle paralysis E. This organism does not make a toxin 10.Cats the definitive hosts of which of the following parasites? A. Taenia solium B. Toxoplasma gondii C. Ascaris lumbricoides D. Cyclospora cayetanensis E. Giardia Lamblia 11.Which of the following is a symptom associated with tetanus? (NOT SURE) A. Severe muscle spasms such as lockjaw B. General muscle weakness C. Gas gangrene D. Spontaneous abortions E. Bilateral cranial nerve palsies 12.The unique characteristic of having wax-like material in its cell wall structure is a characteristic of: A. Corynebacterium diptheriae B. Listeria monocytogenes C. Clostridium perfringens D. Mycobacterium leprae E. Bacillus anthracis 13. The most common route of infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis is through: A. The skin by direct contact B. Ingestion of contaminated food C. Blood and blood products D. Inhalation of contaminated aerosols E. Hospitals intrumentation (e.g., bronchoscopy) 14. Which of the following pathogens is NOT a spore former? A. Clostridium tetani B. Bordetella pertussis C. Bacillus anthracos D. Clostridium difficle E. All of the above are sporeformers. 15.Listeria monocytogenes: i.-is able to cross three protective barriers in humans ii.-is a non-sporeformer, Gram-negative bacillus iii.-tolerates cold temperatures and can grow in the refrigerator A. i only B. ii only C. iii only D. i, ii, and iii E. i and iii 16. Endotoxin are found A. In gram positive bacteria exclusively B. In acid-fast bacteria such as mycobacterium C. Only in protozoan paraites D. In Gram negative bacteria E. In parasitic organisms 17.Leprosy is: A. Caused by Mycobacterium Tuberculosis B. Commonly found in North America C. Caused by an acid-fast bacterium D. Caused by Mycoplasma leprae E. Is caused by a fungal infection that goes intreated. 18.Which of the following statements referring to acute gastroenteritis caused by salmonellae, is in incorrect? A. is caused by salmonella typhi B. Is caused by a non-lactose fermenter C. Should generally not be treated with antibiotics D. Have animals as reservoirs E. Is manifested as acute diarrhea 19.What is correct about legionella pneumophila? i.-is a gram negative opportunistic pathogen ii.-Transmitted via aerosols from person-to-person iii.Grows in water and found in air cooling tanks A. i only B. ii only C. iii only D i and iii E. ii and
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