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University of Ottawa
Health Sciences

Drug usetaking a drug in a way for wich it was intendedMisuse taking a drug not prescribe for youAbuse exsessive use of drugsTolerance a case where you need a larger dose than what you took before to give you the same affectWeek 61 According to your textbook what populations have high incidents of diabetes2 How does this influence public health Influence policy ex add schools3 Why people make good and bad behaviors Lack of education planning no priority value system and med4 Is decision making a conscious or unconscious process Its kind of both conscious methodical processes however there is some unconscious process in it too5 Why do some people do not make good decisions Media lack of education planning no priority value system med6 Should all individuals engage in physical activities and why Yes7 What are some Benefits of physical activity Reduce stress help you stay fit reduces diabetes blood pressure8 Where do we see osteoarthritis and osteoporosis In our elders9 How does cogitation affect behavior Choiceobesity physical activity10 What are Benefits of regular physical activityImproved cardiorespiratory enduranceImproved bone healthImproved weight managementImproved health and lifespanImproved mental health and stress management11 Give an example of a benefit of regular physical activity Healthy long lifespan Low heart disease 13 Example of public health policy Canadas food guide14 What is the barrier of organic food Its more expensive but has a lot of Benefits which are still unclear15 Use of labor saving Example of it is when talking the stairs16 How does cognition affect behavior It is a conscious decision doing physical activities Nutrition obesity physical activity choosing right food give us better health there are some healthy food that are cheaper than junk food ex milk is cheaper than pops17 Is education enough No we need some exercise eat healthy and live in a healthy environment18 What are some benefits of marihuana Pain and Nisei anal apse apathy stimulus releases pain19 What are the 7 factors that influence health and health of CanadiansPhysical fitnessNutritionWeight AddictionSmokingCaffeineWAN CSPAlcohol20 How do choices affect healthThey can affect how long you liveEffect quality of lifeCan affect your future determinantsEducationIncomeAnd other determinants of health21 How does public policy affect these determinants of health Something that is usually illegal people tend to do it socialization
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