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Determinants of Health.odt

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Health Sciences
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Determinants of HealthSeptember 9 2013Our reality ends at the microscopic levelHealth cannot be looked at at only one levelReduction method bring down our reality one levelBlend of alopathic and homoeopathic medicineDiscrepancies between the type of intervention in modern medicine compared to the way our bodies our made is huge Bodies archaic in comparison to some new discoveriesThe nature of the world has nothing to do with sensory perception everything perceives the world differently Neuropeptides material version of thoughtCells can think they make the same chemicals that the brain makes when it thinks Prevention is importantMind not in the body body is in the mindEvery emotion we have releases hormones into the air that other organisms can pick up onDifference between life and death is the interpretation of a memoryThrough conditioning we generate the same quantum events with the same outcomes ex Stomach lining regenerates after 5 days but we still have the same ulcerTime is relative September 12 2013Reduction and Holismreductionist method macro to microbiomedical model of healthneurology immunology endocrinology pathology physiology ectMechanistic Systems Approachbiotechnology surgical methods pharmaceutical intervention ectInvasive hard on the body ex pharmaceuticalstertiary health treatmentsymptoms origin of disease No prevention red flags only when you are very sickChallenge potential disempowermentPeople dissociate how much their activities destroy their health because they rely on drugsAutonomy control of the body and well beingHolistic Methodmicro to macro lifestyle and wellnesshealth synergy of mind body and environmentUnified ApproachAyurvedic earliest recorded form of life science traditional Chinese medicine naturopathic and other alternative medicinesnoninvasiveprimary health preventiontake care of your body before it degenerates expressions of life origins of healthChallenge cannot be researched using the traditional scientific methodbelief proofanecdotal proof no validation Parallel PathwaysHarmony of both pathwaysholistic balanced lifestyle diet exercise rest stress managementReductionist biomedical interventionimmediate treatment ex ACL surgeryNot a substitute for self responsibilityApplication of both pathwaysbest opportunity for optimum health and quality of lifeChapter 1 Promoting Healthy Behaviour and ChangeHealth is a dynamic and ever changing process interrelated multidimensionalphysical mental emotional occupational social environmental and spiritualHealth and wellness are often used interchangeablyReductionist method used to explain the heath process Health and sickness defined by extremeschanging views of healthtraditional def Absence of diseasenew def complete physical mental well beingPhysical Health includes physical characteristics such as body size shape sensory acuity susceptibility to disease body function and recuperative ability Newer definitions include ability to perform activities of daily living Social Health refers to the capacity for satisfying interpersonal relationships interacting with others and adapting to various social situations Includes communication skills and other daily activitiesMental Health refers to the ability to think clearly reason objectively analyze critically and use brain power effectively to meet lifes challenges Includes learning from success and failure and making responsible decisionsOccupational Health refers to the satisfaction attained from a career Includes attaining and maintaining a balance between work and leisureEmotional Health feeling component of health and the ability to effectively and appropriately
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