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ITA1113 Quiz: Position Paper 1

Italian Language and Culture
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ITA 1113
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Julia DUBE
Position Paper: Roma citta aperta
The children portrayed play an important role in Rossellini’s film, Roma citta
aperta. In Rossellini’s film, children are shown in the many regular facets of life, but
what makes Rossellini’s young people so important is their behaviour. The children of the
film have very adult like behaviour and often say things that are unusually mature to be
said by children. This role is not only crucial to the setting of the film, but also holds a
strong symbolic meaning
In regards to the setting, we see children in their usual environments, playing, at
school, at home and even in church, but we also see them in very temporal/local specific
settings. For example, the children who are seen ransacking the bakery after the break-in
shows the desperation and severity of the films set year and place. It gives viewers a
better look into mid-war Rome and the daily struggles. Other stranger settings that we
find these children in are their secret rebel meetings, where the children speak of taking
action, even collection guns and bombing a truck. Only children of war would have such
behaviours. Nonetheless, Rossellini does present to us these important details amidst
scenes of children acting like children, creating an important contrast and reminder that
even in dire times life goes on.
Most importantly, the children are key symbols in the film. As children tend to be
in the arts, they are a symbol of innocence, hope and future. Innocence can be seen when
they play and go to school and still want sweets from the bakery (granted they were also
hungry). Despite the times, children will still be children. In the film, many characters
make reference to the biblical line “Thy kingdom Come”, including Don Pietro and
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