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Album review: nevermind

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Alyssa Woods

Nevermind Mainstream rockRoll music in the early 1990s was in a somewhat trivial state Bands like Poison and Motley Crue were recycling the same hair metal that had reached the peak of its popularity in the late 80s but by the early 90s that music was still popular only because people who listened to mainstream rock music didnt have much of an alternative Nevermind revolutionized mainstream rockroll music The album gave the youth at the time Generation X something that they could relate to Angst ridden howling vocals with heavy yet basic guitar riffs apathy lyrics brought mainstream rock back to the basics of what rock in roll was meant to be simple honest music without flashiness or gimmicks The release of Nevermind introduced the world to what would become knownas grunge music or Seattle sound a cross between hard rock punk and heavy metal With this came the death of hair metal which originated in 1980s Seattle Shevory 1995 After Neverminds release new bands began emulating Nirvanas sound Silverchair Stone Temple Pilots Bush Other Seattle based grunge bands saw records sales go through the roof Soundgarden Alice in Chains Pearl Jam The youth of the early 90s were to say the least unenthusiastic They were in the middle of a recession didnt share the same views as their parents and were skeptical of their leaders and of their future All this lead to a fairly bleak outlook on life Nirvanas music epitomized the views and attitudes of young people at the time Lyrics of apathy and angst and a style of music that expressed anger and anguish while maintaining a simplicity that didnt try to impress anyone Fish 1995 It gave the generation X something they could relate to A feat that none of Nirvanas predecessors in mainstream music accomplished or tried to accomplishNirvanas authenticity stood out in an era of theatrical costumes cheesy lyrics
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