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Chapter 4 Song and Dance in the Middle AgesLatin Song Versus sacred and attached to liturgy that usually rhymed Conductus 12th C serious song that had a rhyming rhythmical text Goliard songs late 10th13th C on religious and moral themes that were usually satires of love spring eating drinking and other pleasuresVernacular Song Because there was a large illiterate population during the mideueval era who could not write down their songs much of their vernacular poetrysongs are lost including work songs dance songs lullabies laments The epic a long heroic narrative did survive chanson de geste N FR vernacular ex Song of RolandBardspoetsingers of the celtic lands in the british isles lcal royalty maintained bards and awarded them with gifts they sang epic elegies and eulogies about famous men and recited sagas at social funcitions banquets and accompanied themselves on the hard or fiddle The laws of Hywel Dda welsh manuscripts state that around the 10th there were 2 types of bards those who were permanent members of the kings house hold bardd teulu those who were itinerant pencerdd During the 12th and 13th century royalty followed french lead and became bards themselvesJongleurslowclass travelling musicians travelled alone or in groups earned a living performing trick
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