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PHI1101Class 5Are the following statements ambiguous or vague Is the vagueness benign or malicious1Man is born free Vague because of the word free Ambiguity Do they mean Man as in all human beings or man as in male2Suicide whether direct or indirect should be strongly condemned VagueDirect suicide and indirect is it assisted suicide or is it you making a choice to start smoking at age 15 which later kills you condemned does it mean legally or morally3The war on poverty was no war Ambiguous war problem word on poverty means going to resolve the issue and poverty is not resolved Was no war means military conflict 4Fine for parking sign on a street in Seattle Ambiguity in the use of the word fine It is fine to park in the area or are you going to be given a fine5The public school system cannot treat students equally they come to the schools unequal in talent experience and family background Ambiguity with the word cannot and equal Cannot doesnt make any sense because you can There are two meanings of equal Means to treat someone with respect or that some people have moreless of something such as moneyrunning a 10kplaying instruments ect
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