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The Environment of Critical ThinkingWant to contemplate impediments to critical thinking Hindrances problems or barriers that arise because of how we think and what we think1 Problems with How We ThinkAs humans we are naturally focused on selfpreservation including preserving our own peace of mind seeing ourselves in a good light and so onOne problem Too much focus on youSelfinterested thinking Accepting a claim solely on the grounds that it advances or coincides with our interests or even just helps us save faceTheres nothing wrong with advocating things that are good for you but if you accept a claim just because its in your own interests then thats a problem Examples of selfinterested thinking Im against gun control because Im a hunter I think the government should freeze tuition because Im a student and I dont want to pay more I got an F on that essay because the professor doesnt know what she is doing I do not need extra help In every other class I am getting an A
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