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PHI 1101Inference indicatorsPremise indicators because since for A PREMIS IS A REASON FOR A CONCLUSION Conclusion indicators so thus therefore consequentlyTwo types of argumentsSimple only has one inferenceComplex always has at least more than one inference and will always have at least one intermediate conclusion series as a conclusion then serves as a premise in a continuing chain of reason FINAL CONCLUSIONEnthymemes if an argument as an enthymeme it has an input conclusion or an input premise questions commands explanations exhortation A STATEMENT IS A CLAIN THAT SOMETHING IS OR IS NOT THE CASE DONT CONFUSE ARGUMENTS WITH EXPLAINATIONSan explanation tells us why something happened An argument tells us why we should believe it happened examples I already know Adam stole the moneyJane told me that Steve told her so NOTE Im not trying to convince you of this Im explaining how I know or why he did it Adam stole the money because he was hungry this is just one claimThe titanic sank because it hit an iceberg this is a statement historical fact not trying to convince anyone of this
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