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Human cloning three mistakes and an alternativeFrancois Baylis CLONINGTypes of cloning1 taking a cell from a human embryo and growing it into a genetically identical embryo2 taking out the nucleous of one cell and putting into the cell wall the nucleous of another cell to be clonedDollyPurpose of cloning1 nonreproductive such as the production of pharmaceuticals from coned transgenic animal Dna research research on human reproduction and infertility research on aging and oncogenesis possible production of clond human tissues and organs to be used in medical experiments andor organ transplant 2 reproductive producing a human beingFrancois Bayliss thesiswe should not only mot fear cloning nut we should regard as a technology aiming at improving our quality of life making us better individuals and a better species Two types of attitudes toward cloning1 The first attitude expresses our fear of cloning and our reaction of prohibition of the replication and individuals2 The second attitude shows a little more faith in science and is more complexAccording to some the law which prohibits replication of individuals is only a temporary maneuver to preclude the misuse of cloning and make its practice safeProponents of the latter view believe that cloning is an irresistible scientific and technological challenge and we cannot provent it from happeningThe second attitude also points to the fact that cloning is a type of reproduction technology with a clear commercial sideonce it becomes for sale there will always be a buyerBaylis there are three mistakes hidden in both types of attitude towards cloning which need to be addressed
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