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Revised notesSingerClaim to equality does not depend on IQ and if it did humans would be able to exploit one anotherAnimals do suffer and demonstrate this through primitive nonlinguistic ways that are recognized even by humans so no language governed communication is not validBehavioral signs prove that someonething is in pain better than a statement as they could simply lieIf someone told us they were not in pain while severely burned and covered in blood we wouldnt believe themHuman infants are unable to use language but do we refuse to believe that they can sufferSpeciesism involves using animals purely as a meansAnimals shouldnt suffer but can be killed humanelyUnacceptable as if we believed that suffering should be avoidedits ok to kill all animals would be killedAlso unacceptable as killing animals to satisfy our taste for meat violates Kants CI means to an endResnikValueladen any deviation from the mean is diseaseDescriptive normal is typical and anything that doesnt fall under the species normal trait is abnormalGenetic enhancement stance depends on how we interpret the definition of health and diseaseIf any deviation from the meandisease then enhancement is wrongIf we accept normal deviations enhancement is OK as long as it doesnt violate any principles nonmalfeasance beneficence etcGoals of medicine health promotion and disease prevention Immunizationenhancement of immune system so why isnt genetic enhancement OKCosmetic enhancement is OK so why arent aesthetic genetic enhancement procedures OKHumanness approach human form is not to be changed and enhancement changes it so its not OK Genetic therapy is OK as it tries to restoresafeguard the human formVery difficult to define what the human form is abortion debate
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